Cellip have delivered telephony to Microsoft services for seven years and has been appointed Microsoft's Voice Partner for two consecutive years. Cellip launches telephony to Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing. This means that customers in 10 European countries can easily connect telephony to Microsoft Teams and get a single collaboration tool for all their communications, making other telephone solutions redundant. Customers will be able to increase their productivity while allowing cost savings.

"Of course, I'm very proud that Cellip is one of the first Partners to Microsoft to launch services via Direct Routing, while it is natural given our leading position in Skype for Business Telephony. I get even more proud of that we already have customers to whom we delivered Microsoft Teams telephony", says Esko Airas, CEO of Cellip.

Cellip is now launching Microsoft Teams telephony on June 28 in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, UK and Switzerland. It is easy for Microsoft Office 365 users to get started with telephony in Teams.

"It's really super cool that we can now launch telephony in Microsoft Teams. More and more customers come to us to get help to understand how they should make the most out of Skype for Business and Teams. Often we have a Workshop with customers or have the customer start with a POC (proof-of-concept). This is another sign that we are in the forefront of Office 365 telephony", says Peter Karlsson, Business Development Manager at Cellip.

The configuration of Teams is easily done in the Office 365-portal, if there is a need for telephone switching functionality, which can be done through Cellips “My Pages”. Telephony in Teams works perfectly to run in parallel with its existing telephony system. You can also decide at user level whether Skype for Business or Teams is the primary way to communicate.

"Office 365 and the use of Microsoft Teams are increasing at a faster pace while companies and organizations are increasingly working in modern teams without physical constraints. With Direct Routing in Teams, Microsoft and Cellip together can accelerate the pace and create opportunities for our customers to move their telephony into Microsoft Cloud, not only in Sweden but also internationally. It's really fun that we have one of the leading players in Sweden on Team Telephony", says Henrik Byström, Business Area Manager for Office at Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based collaboration platform that, with chat channels, instant messaging and groups, fits well into modern workgroups and organizations. Teams are part of Office 365 where users easily manage other parts like Sharepoint, OneDrive, Power BI, and more. With Cellip, you can make Teams a part of your company's phone solution.

About Cellip

Cellip is the leader in Microsoft telephony services. Cellip is part of Infracom Group AB listed on the stock exchange

Links for each country

Denmark www.cellip.dk/teams
Finland www.cellip.fi/teams
Norway www.no.cellip.com/teams
Sweden www.cellip.com/msteamsse
Czech Republic www.cellip.cz/teams
Lithuaina www.cellip.lt/teams
Poland www.cellip.pl/teams
Spain www.cellip.es/teams
Switzerland www.cellip.ch/teams
UK www.cellip.co.uk/teams